City of Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic situated on the both banks of Vltava River, is a beautiful city with a rich history. Thanks to its location in the centre of Europe, Prague has been an important crossroad of trade and culture for many centuries.

Prague has 1,200,000 inhabitants and stretches over approximately 500 square kilometres. The dominant feature of the city is Prague Castle, which houses the gothic St. Vitus’s Cathedral. Prague has a designated UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage area of more than 8 sq km, over 100 theatres, concert halls, galleries etc.

During its thousand years history, Prague was always a political, cultural, and business centre of the country. Prague is also called a "Golden City" or a "City of Hundred Towers" and belongs to the group of architecturally unique European towns, attractive for tourists from the whole world. The visitors find themselves enjoying a living museum of European architecture from Romanesque to the present times. Prague is quite a unique city well known not only for the number of its towers. Prague also boasts about a vast number of bridges connecting both banks of the river Vltava with the oldest Charles Bridge being more than 600 years old.

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