Posters presented on Wednesday, June 29 & Thursday, June 30

T03: Green Bioactive Molecules

ID 41
Effects of diverse functionalized polymers from plants on plant growth, root development and plant-microbes interactions

Emilie Froussart (France)

ID 174
The phenolic diterpenes carnosic acid and carnosol are two rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) antioxidants with distinct modes of action and distribution patterns in vivo

Loussouarn-Yvon Margot (France)

ID 262
Plant extracts as protective agents against damages from ionizing radiations: from space mission to radiotherapy

Laura De Gara (Italy)

ID 279
Early transcriptomic effects of the natural phytotoxin trans-chalcone on Arabidopsis seedlings: roots take the lead

Carla Díaz-Tileas (Spain)

ID 640
Manipulation of light in LED lighting systems increases biosynthesis of targeted functional components in plants

Ivan Tarakanov (Russian Federation)

ID 740
Characterization of different brewers' spent grain aqueous extracts regarding their content in bioactive compounds

Sonia Socaci (Romania)

ID 949
Blackberry Leaf and fruit Transcriptome and Expression of core genes of the flavonol-anthocyanin pathway as plant-defense or as health-related compounds

Beatriz Ramos-Solano (Spain)

T04: Plant Cell Walls

ID 45
Transcriptional Regulation of (1,3;1,4)-Beta-Glucan Biosynthesis in Barley

Guillermo Garcia Gimenez (United Kingdom)

ID 256
Tertiary cell wall as a key to enigma

Tatyana Gorshkova (Russian Federation)

ID 296
Cell wall and biochemical features in morphogenic versus non-morphogenic endosperm-derived calli tissue – revision

Marzena Popielarska-Konieczna (Poland)

ID 358
Exocytosis and the development of the callose-rich cell wall in the Arabidopsis trichomes

Ivan Kulich (Czech Republic)

ID 368
The cross-talk of cell wall polymers and metabolite flux in flax: the effect of the altered monosaccharaides synthesis on the flax cell wall composition

Marta Preisner (Poland)

ID 447
Assessment of contribution of ray parenchyma cells to lignification of xylem tracheids in Norway spruce

Olga Blokhina (Finland)

ID 460
Music from the cell walls: sound quality in relation to anatomical features and mechanical properties of oboe reeds from Arundo donax L.

Mario De Tullio (Italy)

ID 561
Cellular localization of cell wall components during plant morphogenesis

Agnieszka Bagniewska-Zadworna (Poland)

ID 700
Effects of apoplastic H2O2 on phenolic metabolism and gene expression in an extracellular lignin-forming cell culture of Norway spruce

Teresa Laitinen (Finland)

ID 803
Primary and Phenylpropanoid Metabolism in Arabidopsis Tapetal Cells are Regulated by a Triad of R2R3-MYB Transcription Factors

Maor Battat (Israel)

ID 804
The role of receptor like kinases in heavy metal signalling

Julia Richter (Austria)

ID 812
Identification of molecular regulators involved in the response to heat stress and suberization in Quercus suber

M. Margarida Oliveira (Portugal)

ID 856
Analysis of feruloylated and acetylated arabinoxylan oligosaccharides from sugar cane

Marco Tiné (Brazil)

ID 872
Monolignol oxidoreductases from the berberine brigde enzyme-like protein family

Barbara Steiner (Austria)

ID 889
Abscission of tomato flowers is driven by cell wall separation and programmed cell death

Aleš Kladnik (Slovenia)

T06: Pollination and Reproductive Biology

ID 38
Biosynthesis of scent in rose petals

Pulu Sun (France)

ID 49
Comparative analysis between the reproductive strategies of the cultivated Moringa peregrine and its wild and endangered relative Moringa oleifera

Adina Mishal (Israel)

ID 151
Phosphoproteomic profiling of tobacco male gametophyte

Jan Fíla (Czech Republic)

ID 360
Induction of autophagy and cathepsins activity accompany programmed cell death in stress-induced pollen embryogenesis and pollen development

Pilar S. Testillano (Spain)

ID 441
Do climate changes modify floral resources of Borago officinalis for pollinators?

Charlotte Descamps (Belgium)

ID 478
Should I burst or should I grow: role of phosphatases ATUNIS 1/2 in pollen tube growth

Christina Maria Franck (Germany)

ID 487
Differential profiling of pistil and pollen proteome of two flower morphs of self-incompatible buckwheat

Bojana Banović (Serbia)

ID 494
Translational regulation during pollen tube growth: implications for male-female communication

David Honys (Czech Republic)

ID 535
Potato virus Y infection effects on Capsicum annuum L. cv. Yolo Wonder flower reproductive organs biology – first step in seed transmission route

Katarzyna Otulak (Poland)

ID 551
Morphometric analysis suggests hybridization and introgression in putative hybrid populations of mosses

Weerachon Sawangproh (Sweden)

ID 616
Expression profiles of mitochondrial genes in the gynodioecious plant Silene vulgaris

Pavla Koloušková (Czech Republic)

ID 714
Role of SMG7 and TDM1 in meiosis progression in Arabidopsis

Albert Cairo (Czech Republic)

ID 737
New regulatory protein suppresses mutation of SMG7 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Anna Gnipová (Czech Republic)

ID 829
Meiosis and recombination in large genome crop

Isabelle Colas (United Kingdom)

ID 919
Functional characterization of the tomato pollen deficient1 (pod1) mutant reveals a key role of the MEDIATOR COMPLEX SUBUNIT 18 (MED18) in regulating pollen development

Rafael Lozano (Spain)

T10: Abiotic Stress Response

ID 1
Cadmium Distribution, Total Phenols, and Antioxidative Response in Salicylic Acid-Treated Euphorbia hirta L.

Jay Delfin (Philippines)

ID 21
Drought stress memory in chloroplasts

Marta Pintó-Marijuan (Spain)

ID 44
Morphological, physiological and molecular characterization of barley roots germinated under salinity and ameliorated with homobrassinosteroid

Sevgi Marakli (Turkey)

ID 78
Naturally selected differences in tolerance to carbonate soils in Arabidopsis thaliana

Joana Terés (Spain)

ID 86
Influence of meteorological condition on glucosinolates, erucic ant dietary acids content in seeds of some spontaneous crucifers

Nijolė Maršalkienė (Lithuania)

ID 89
Enhanced heat stress tolerance in pollen of ascorbate peroxides 2-deficient Arabidopsis

Gad Miller (Israel)

ID 107
ABA accumulation in water stressed roots: implication of carotenoids and aerial tissues

Matías Manzi (Spain)

ID 119
A novel control module for heat stress memory in plants

Salma Balazadeh (Germany)

ID 124
Changes in anatomical structure of lime tree foliage in response to de-icing salt contamination

Gunta Cekstere (Latvia)

ID 133
Heat stress acclimation modifies hormonal responses to heat shock in Arabidopsis

Radomira Vankova (Czech Republic)

ID 139
Nanoparticle effects on plant physiology and metabolism

Tomas Vanek (Czech Republic)

ID 158
α-Tubulin acetylation is essential for autophagy development induced by different abiotic factors: transcriptome and biochemical study

Vira Fedyna (Ukraine)

ID 160
Low-Temperature Sensing and Cold Acclimation in Plant Cells: What is the role of Calcium Signals?

Hayato Hiraki (Japan)

ID 175
Rice cells from two varieties with differing salt tolerance unveil mechanisms of resistance by modulating antioxidant defence system and a K+ transporter gene expression

Cristina Sudiro (Italy)

ID 177
Transcriptome responses to cadmium in pea (Pisum sativum L.) roots

Olga Kulaeva (Russian Federation)

ID 196
The ‘tubing’ phenomenon in Bromeliad cultivation: luxurious greenhouse conditions cause unexpected problems for tough plants

Bart Vanhoutte (Belgium)

ID 225
A life and death balance in the lace plant (Aponogeton madagascariensis)

Adrian Dauphinee (Canada)

ID 227
Genome Wide Identification Expression Profiling and Characterization of Lectin Gene Superfamily of Mulberry

Bushra Saeed (India)

ID 236
Phenotypic and transcriptional plasticities in response to drought in Populus nigra

Marie Garavillon-Tournayre (France)

ID 242
The ERD6-like sugar transporters family: evolution in terrestrial plants and regulation under water deficit

Lucie Slawinski (France)

ID 250
Cysteine-Rich Receptor-Like Protein Kinases Protein-Protein Interactions and Their Involvement in Reactive Oxygen Species Signalling

Derek Collinge (Finland)

ID 251
Combining the resistance to late blight and tolerance to drought in the somatic hybrids between cultivated potato and Solanum bulbocastanum

Tünde-Éva Jakó (Dénes) (Romania)

ID 275
S-nitrosylation protects C4 PEPC from carbonylation in sorghum leaves

Guillermo Baena (Spain)

ID 283
Possible roles of leaf polyphenols in acclimation to light-stress

Éva Hideg (Hungary)

ID 290
Antioxidative response of Salix spp. in citric acid assisted phytoremediation of cadmium

Danijela Arsenov (Serbia)

ID 292
Analysis of DNA damage in Brachypodium distachyon using cyto-molecular approach

Arita Kus (Poland)

ID 301
Nutrition limitation stress response of dioecious species Juniperus communis

Mariola Rabska (Poland)

ID 309
Characterization of 4 transcription factors tanac during the seed development in response to a thermal stress in the bread wheat Triticum aestivum

Claire Guerin (France)

ID 313
Towards the understanding of heat stress in wheat grain development

Jane Roche (France)

ID 323
Dissecting the UV-dependent and -independent acclimation responses in grapevine

Brigitta Éva Végh (Hungary)

ID 343
The role of the Arabidopsis thaliana glutathione peroxidases under stress conditions

Krisztina Bela (Hungary)

ID 345
How do roots respond to osmotic stress? A transcriptomic approach to address this question in a non-model crop

Jassmine Zorrilla (Belgium)

ID 348
Acclimation to UV-B is orchestrated by peroxidase enzymes

Gyula Czégény (Hungary)

ID 361
Genetic screen for identification of mutants impaired in reactive oxygen species (ROS) sensing

Esther Cattan (Israel)

ID 380
Alleviation of cadmium toxicity is related to silicon-enhanced photosynthetic rate and modified chloroplast ultrastructure in maize

Marek Vaculík (Slovakia)

ID 404
Atnhx1 transgenic Pisum sativum L. showed improved growth performance and stability in subsequent generations against abiotic stresses

Wajeeha Saeed (Italy)

ID 409
A humidity shock leads to rapid, temperature dependent changes in coffee leaf physiology and gene expression

Elhadji Thioune (Ireland)

ID 412
Putrescine induced changes during cadmium stress in rice

Magda Pál (Hungary)

ID 415
Combined effect of moderate drought and reduced light on the photosynthesis, nitrogen assimilation and osmotic balance at low temperature

Imre Majláth (Hungary)

ID 423
Quantitative Analysis of Transcriptome and Proteome in Rice under Drought Stress

Anupama Anupama (India)

ID 431
ABA is required for the accumulation of APX1 and MBF1c during a combination of water deficit and heat stress

Aurelio Gomez-Cadenas (Spain)

ID 440
Ethylene is involved in salt-tolerance in the wild tomato relative Solanum chilense

Emna Gharbi (Belgium)

ID 452
New Salicylic Acid Biosynthetic Pathway in peach, dissecting defence responses

Agustina Bernal-Vicente (Spain)

ID 456
Regulation of chloroplast RNA metabolism during plant growth and stress responses

Hunseung Kang (Korea)

ID 457
RNAseq analysis during cold acclimation in pea

Nasser Bahrman (France)

ID 458
Efficacy of biostimulant seed priming on germination and seedling growth of an indigenous leafy vegetable Ceratotheca triloba under drought and salinity stress

Nqobile Masondo (South Africa)

ID 459
Wood formation in poplar trees as affected by drought stress and photoperiod

Lisa Kins (Germany)

ID 467
Comparison of responses to water deficit among maize inbred lines at different developmental stages

Natalija Kravic (Serbia)

ID 473
Short-term response of proline metabolism to water deficit in different parts of wheat seedlings

Helga Königshofer (Austria)

ID 479
The biochemical effects of a combination of drought and heat stress on in vitro cultures of sugarcane

Tendekai Mahlanza (South Africa)

ID 486
Chloroplast avoidance movement as a sensitive indicator of decrease in relative water content

Martina Spundova (Czech Republic)

ID 497
Susceptibility of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii rep27 mutant to chemically induced stress

Anna Aksmann (Poland)

ID 503
Assessment of the role of paraheliotropism in two Mediterranean Cistus species differing in leaf mass area (LMA) under drought stress and recovery

Giacomo Puglielli (Italy)

ID 510
Short term responses of mesophyll conductance to light intensity and light quality under well-watered and water-stressed conditions in three genotypes of chickpea

Arjina Shrestha (Australia)

ID 517
Connection of phosphate starvation response regulation and proline metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Dávid Aleksza (Hungary)

ID 518
Effect of auxins and oximes on the plasticity of Medicago truncatula root system architecture under differential nitrogen nutrition

Javier Buezo Bravo (Spain)

ID 522
Unravelling the photoprotective response of lichenized and free-living trebouxiophyceae algae to photochilling stress

Fátima Míguez (Spain)

ID 539
Well known transcription factor involved in ABA signaling – ABI5 and its new face in struggling the abiotic stresses in barley

Anna Skubacz (Poland)

ID 540
MAP kinase-mediated phosphorylation regulates intramolecular interactions of the Arabidopsis heat shock factor A4A

Norbert Andrási (Hungary)

ID 541
MicroRNAs are involved in the regulation of transcription factors ARF, SPL, MYB and TCP under the influence of the narrow-band LED light in Thellungiella salsuginea plants

Pavel Pashkovskiy (Russian Federation)

ID 542
Leaf hydraulic conductance and mesophyll conductance are correlated within a single species through variation in leaf anatomy but are not related when their variation is due to short-term changes in irradiance or humidity

Karen Loucos (Australia)

ID 553
Regulation of differential growth in apical hook of Arabidopsis: role of hormonal fine tuning

Abu Imran Baba (Hungary)

ID 559
OsIAA6, a member of the rice Aux/IAA gene family, is involved in drought tolerance and tiller outgrowth

Nuri Oh (Korea)

ID 560
The NF-YA transcription factor OsNF-YA7 confers drought stress tolerance of rice in an abscisic acid independent manner

Suin Yoon (Korea)

ID 563
Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy of maize (Zea mays L.) and Miscanthus × giganteus leaves under cold conditions

Anna Bilska-Kos (Poland)

ID 564
Arabidopsis CMR1/PANS1 is essential for growth adaptation to stress and required for mitotic onset control

Michal Juraniec (Poland)

ID 565
Acclimation of unexplored epidaphic cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. FS 37 (Iran) to combination of extremely limited irradiance, carbon dioxide concentration and salinity flactuations – Ecophysiological and morphological approach

Nadia Bahavar (Iran)

ID 566
Effect of “light fertilization” on photosynthetic performance of Solanum lycopersicum L. cv Micro-tom

Carmen Arena (Italy)

ID 569
Carbon acquisition and partitioning in Vicia faba: water use efficiency and metabolite accumulation in response to a water deficit

Kathryn Dumschott (Australia)

ID 590
Chilling-induced reduction of photosynthesis is mitigated by exposure to high CO2

Luca Vitale (Italy)

ID 591
The Effects of a Daily Short-Term Temperature Drop in the Light and in the Dark on Growth, Photosynthesis and Chilling Tolerance of Cucumber and Wheat

Tatjana Shibaeva (Russian Federation)

ID 595
CroSeEm: An automated approach to high-throughput dynamic scoring of crop seedling emergence in the conditions of salinity stress

Lukáš Spíchal (Czech Republic)

ID 599
Does electrolyte leakage affect leaf respiration rates in Mediterranean evergreen species subjected to water stress?

Laura Varone (Italy)

ID 624
Additive and nonadditive functional responses to water stress and variation in the expression of drought-response genes in the allotetraploid Brachypodium hybridum (Poaceae) and its diploid parentals

Luisa María Martínez Martínez (Spain)

ID 630
Impact of differently coated silver nanoparticles on antioxidative stress response in Nicotiana tabacum seedlings

Kristina Majsec (Croatia)

ID 635
Inactivation mechanisms and physiological recovery involved in desiccation tolerance of the bromeliad Pitcairnia lanuginosa: is it a resurrection plant?

Marcia Braga (Brazil)

ID 636
Amino acid profile and stress of maize seedlings grown in soil contaminated with cadmium

Fabiana Hibary Kato (Brazil)

ID 641
Lipidome remodeling in low temperature adaptation of Malus species in vitro

Perttu Haimi (Lithuania)

ID 644
Quantitative proteomic analysis of two drought-tolerance contrasting winter oilseed rape microspore-derived embryos after drought simulation via infusion of polyethylene-glycol into cultivation media

Milan Urban (Czech Republic)

ID 653
Evaluation of oxidative damage during leaf senescence

Ernest Skowron (Poland)

ID 655
Mechanisms of salt tolerance in two grasses: Oryza coarctata, a wild rice C3 species, and Spartina anglica, an invasive C4 species

Nuria Koteyeva (Russian Federation)

ID 656
The soot formed in the presence of fuel additives not have to be toxic for plants – model research

Monika Bojko (Poland)

ID 663
Jasmonic acid in two Prunus rootstocks under waterlogging stress: transcriptional analysis and quantitative determination

Paula Pimentel (Chile)

ID 665
Improvement of the tolerance of Prunus rootstocks to root hypoxia by GABA application

Ariel Salvatierra (Chile)

ID 667
Overexpression of Golgi-resident CYP21-4 enhances tolerance to oxidative stress and improves biomass productivity in rice and potato crops

Hye Sun Cho (Korea)

ID 671
Effects of prolonged drought on the anatomy of sun and shade needles in young Norway spruce trees

Roman Gebauer (Czech Republic)

ID 675
Small heat shock protein from marine red algae, Pyropia tenera (Bangiales, Rhodophyta), enhance abiotic stress tolerance in Chlamydomonas

Dong-Woog Choi (Korea)

ID 677
Characterization of small heat shock protein (PtsHSP) gene family in marine red algae, Pyropia tenera (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)

Sungoh Im (Korea)

ID 678
Comparative transcriptome analysis from the heat tolerant mutant strain of marine red algae, Pyropia yezoensis

Ji-Woong Wi (Korea)

ID 680
Plant Cold Acclimation and the Effects of Daily Changes in Photoperiod and Temperature

Maki Kanaya (Japan)

ID 686
Influence of supra-optimal boron levels with salt pre-treatment on antioxidant enzyme activities, membrane damage and ion concentrations of two safflower cultivars

Yasemin Ekmekçİ (Turkey)

ID 687
Different responses on drought tolerance and post-drought recovery in sunflower genotypes associated with H2O2 scavenging ezymes and aldose reductase activity

Ayşe Suna Balkan Nalçaİyİ (Turkey)

ID 688
Managing phytochemicals accumulation in red beet plants by N-fertilization process. The critical point

Georgios Salachas (Greece)

ID 689
Probing the responses of safflower genotypes (Carthamus tinctorius L.) under drought stresses and re-watering using performance indexes

Şeküre Çulha Erdal (Turkey)

ID 692
Proline Contents Alterative 22 (PCA22) acts as a suppressor of the E3 ubiquitin ligase mutation atrzf1 phenotype to mediate proline accumulation in response to abiotic stress in Arabidopsis

Cheol Soo Kim (Korea)

ID 693
The RING-type E3 ubiquitin ligase AtRZF1 acts as a positively regulates glucose responsive factor, GRF8, on ABA signaling and glucose response in Arabidopsis

Seung Hyeon Park (Korea)

ID 694
A Novel ubiquitin-associated protein (AtUAB1) interacts with ubiquitin E3 ligase AtRZF1 to modulate osmotic stress response and ABA signaling in Arabidopsis

Ji-Hee Min (Korea)

ID 697
Different protein expression induced by cadmium and lead in Cynara cardunculus

Francesca Figlioli (Italy)

ID 698
Oxidative stress responses of barley TILLING mutants carrying changes in gene encoding stress-responsive NAC 1 transcription factor

Marzena Kurowska (Poland)

ID 699
Effect of ZnO nanowires on protein expression in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves

Premysl Landa (Czech Republic)

ID 705
Investigating the role of calcium signalling in ozone-induced cell death

Katie Wilkins (United Kingdom)

ID 713
Increasing in co-localization of transcription coactivator NPR1 in chloroplast and nucleus

Ky Young Park (Korea)

ID 716
Bid in plants: characterization of plants expressing the animal pro-apoptotic protein Bid

Massimo Crimi (Italy)

ID 718
Accumulation of sugars in the xylem apoplast observed under water stress conditions is controlled by xylem pH

Francesca Secchi (Italy)

ID 721
RNA-seq analysis of stored potato tubers during rot-promoting wet conditions

Bahram Peivastegan (Finland)

ID 729
Does the H2O2 pre-treatment provides any protection against UV-B radiation in two soybean genotypes?

Nuran Çiçek (Turkey)

ID 733
Effects of water shortage and subsequent irrigation on anatomy, morphology and physiology of European beech

Martina Hájíčková (Czech Republic)

ID 745
Antioxidant responses in grafted tomato mutants to cadmium stressful-conditions

Priscila L. Gratão (Brazil)

ID 751
Transcriptomic analysis for flax plants under edaphic stress

Nataliya Melnikova (Russian Federation)

ID 752
The Investigation of Relationship between Dehydrins and Antioxidant System in Leaf Rolling Response

Neslihan Saruhan Güler (Turkey)

ID 753
Gene expression regulation in flax seedlings under aluminum stress

Alexey Dmitriev (Russian Federation)

ID 758
Acclimative responses of grapevine leaves (Vitis vinifera var. Furmint) to varying sunlight conditions

Marianna Kocsis (Hungary)

ID 759
Differential effects of O2 depletion (hypoxia) in the root environment on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) accessions

Małgorzata Czernicka (Poland)

ID 762
Cytokinin, auxin and abscisic acid cross‐talk in Arabidopsis thaliana during moderate salt stress

Sylva Prerostova (Czech Republic)

ID 783
The impact of synthetic strigolactone GR24 on plant responses, cytokinin pool and cytokinin-related gene expression under phosphate deficiency

Barbara Kramna (Czech Republic)

ID 787
Influence of arsenic on selected physiological and growth parameters of horseradish hairy roots culture

Monika Kofroňová (Czech Republic)

ID 795
Crosstalk Between Endogenous Phytohormones and Exogenous Salicylic Acid in Hordeum vulgare L. Cultivars Under Salinity Stress

Hülya Torun (Turkey)

ID 796
Proteome and SUMOylome Response to Drought-Stress in Rice

Mafalda A. A. Rodrigues (Portugal)

ID 798
UV Radiation causes leaf and DNA damage in Pisum sativum grown in high relative air humidity

Sheona N. Innes (Norway)

ID 799
14-3-3 proteins and cold stress: A possible novel mechanism involving 14-3-3 regulation of plasma membrane h+ -atpase and phospholipase D

Sabina Visconti (Italy)

ID 801
The response of two hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars to drought stress

Dominik Vodnik (Slovenia)

ID 806
Overproduction of proteins originating from the plant immune system could improve plant resistance to two main types of stress

Ludmila Ohnoutkova (Czech Republic)

ID 807
Natural accessions in Arabidopsis thaliana: tools to unravel metal-induced stress responses?

Rafaela Amaral dos Reis (Belgium)

ID 811
Comparative toxicity assessment of ionizing radiation in scots pine, Norway spruce and Arabidopsis thaliana

Dajana Blagojevic (Norway)

ID 821
Salt- and osmotic stress responses of Arabidopsis thaliana dehydroascorbate reductase1 (dhar1) mutants

Jolán Csiszár (Hungary)

ID 826
Effects of salicylic acid in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller) leaves under treatment with thiram, a non-systemic fungicide: Changes in photosynthesis parameters and antioxidant enzymes activity

Elİf Yüzbaşioğlu (Turkey)

ID 828
The role of carbohydrates in drought and cold response of Fragaria sp.

Jaromír Hamet (Czech Republic)

ID 831
Seasonal photoacclimation of Ramonda myconi: are its tolerances to freezing and to desiccation two sides of the same coin?

Beatriz Fernández-Marín (Spain)

ID 833
Silicon application modulates the expression of microRNAs in cucumber plants under copper toxicity

Dragana Bosnic (Serbia)

ID 834
Mechanisms of abiotic stress adaptation in Plantago genus

Iveta Dvořáková (Czech Republic)

ID 839
Physiological responses of tobacco (Nicotiana glutinosa L.) to abiotic stress caused by thorium are affected by various medium amendments and exogenous putrescine treatment

Zuzana Lhotáková (Czech Republic)

ID 841
Gene mining in extremophile plants: stress tolerance genes from Lepidium crassifolium

László Szabados (Hungary)

ID 850
Cryotolerance of grapevine explants depends on their tolerance to osmotic stress

Miloš Faltus (Czech Republic)

ID 852
Effects of inhibiting or feeding the shikimate pathway on the secondary metabolism of roots of pea plants

Ainhoa Zulet-González (Spain)

ID 855
Variation in Water-Use Efficiency of sweet cherry plants influenced by Rootstock-Scion combinations under water deficit

Guillermo Toro (Chile)

ID 857
Phenotyping grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) responses to chilling and heating stress

Alberto Algarra Alarcón (Italy)

ID 858
Apoplastic pH changes in Vicia faba under drought

Vít Gloser (Czech Republic)

ID 875
Identification of new plant aquaporin inhibitors

Nicolas Richet (Belgium)

ID 894
Guard cells are a powerful system to monitor the real-time superoxide and hydrogen peroxide production under salt stress conditions in tobacco plants up-/downregulating POLYAMINEOXIDASE gene

Kalliopi A. Roubelakis-Angelakis (Greece)

ID 900
Effect of salinity on the antioxidative metabolism and stevioside levels in Stevia rebaudiana plants under ex-vitro conditions

Jose A Hernández (Spain)

ID 902
Proteomic and biochemical analyses show that Arabidopsis ANP2 and ANP3 are involved in plant tolerance to oxidative stress

Tomáš Takáč (Czech Republic)

ID 909
Hydric conditions of the microhabitats determine constitutive desiccation tolerance in bryophytes

Antonio Hernandez (Spain)

ID 915
Effects of freshwater pollution in the aquatic moss Leptodictyum riparium exposed along the Savone river (Italy)

Adriana Basile (Italy)

ID 922
The fourth arrangement of water in biological glass important for plant survival at ultra-low temperatures and its implication for plant cryopreservation

Jiří Zámečník (Czech Republic)

ID 923
Water uptake capacity rather than water stress responses explain the different performances of alfalfa, red clover and white clover under drought

William de Souza Filho (France)

ID 924
Soybean gene expression profiling under drought stress

George Skaracis (Greece)

ID 926
Efficiency of water, nitrogen and phosphorus utilization in field peas under varied soil resource supply

Magdalena Gawłowska (Poland)

T11: Plant/Environment Interfaces

ID 224
Plant invasion, a strategic game: Phenotypic plasticity and ecotypic differentiation as coadaptations employed by Leontodon taraxacoides to enhance its invasiveness

Irene Martín-Forés (Spain)

ID 363
Genotypic variations of leaf growth response to low temperature in winter cereals grown under field conditions

Sebastian Nagelmüller (Switzerland)

ID 377
Signalling events and toxic effects induced by engineered silver nanoparticles in Arabidopsis thaliana plants

Vadim Demidchik (Belarus)

ID 432
Greening and Quality Characteristics of Washed Potatoes with Different Packagings

Su Jeong Kim (Korea)

ID 439
What information is stored in phloem structure and relationship between phloem and xylem increments?

Jožica Gričar (Slovenia)

ID 454
Functional wood anatomy of Melastomataceae species through different sites in Brazilian Savanna

Carmen Marcati (Brazil)

ID 495
Unravelling water use strategies of the biofuel crop Jatropha curcas L. – a manipulation experiment

Bie Gielen (Belgium)

ID 547
Relations between hydraulic conductivity and wood anatomical traits of Brazilian savanna species: preliminary results

Diego Podadera (Brazil)

ID 555
Seasonal variation in the metabolic profile of Brachiaria decumbens

Syeda Hussain (Brazil)

ID 556
Zinc Uptake Capacity of a Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrid Selected for in situ Phytoremediation of Soils Polluted by Heavy Metals

Seok Chan Koh (Korea)

ID 588
Variations in environmental signals in tree-ring indices in oaks with different growth potential

Polona Hafner (Slovenia)

ID 615
Distribution of homobaric and heterobaric leafed species in two contrasting vegetation types in Brazil

Tatiane Rodrigues (Brazil)

ID 620
Surface Waxes as a Driver of Barley Resilience to Climate Change

Chiara Campoli (United Kingdom)

ID 736
Wax Accumulation on the Grape Berry Surface During Fruit Development

Katja Arand (Germany)

ID 744
Cutin Deficiency of Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Results in Gluey Fruits

Jana Leide (Germany)

ID 746
Comparison of the temperature effect on the water permeability of isolated and in situ plant cuticles of Nerium oleander L. and Prunus laurocerasus L. leaves

Ann-Christin Schuster (Germany)

ID 769
Identification of phytochrome interacting factors and their potential role in light signaling in the moss Physcomitrella patens

Tengfei Xu (Germany)

ID 775
Increased Size of Epidermal Cells in Syringa josikaea Jacq. Smaller Leaf Side as an Adaptive Mechanism for Reducing Its Asymmetry

Vadim Polonskiy (Russian Federation)

ID 791
Plant-specific HIPP proteins involved in development and stress responses

Wiebke Zschiesche (Germany)

ID 797
Relationships among plant traits, soil characteristics and olive oil properties in different Olea europaea L. cultivars

Anna De Marco (Italy)

ID 802
Elevated CO2 and air humidity change transpiration, nitrogen content and metabolic profiles of Hydrangea macrophylla leaves

Sissel Torre (Norway)

ID 838
Seasonal dynamics of foliar properties: implications for remote sensing studies

Eva Neuwirthová (Czech Republic)

ID 847
Interactions between light quality and salt stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana

Chiakai Kang (the Netherlands)

ID 868
Effect of high latitude growth locations on growth and content of health related compound in parsley root

Anne Linn Hykkerud (Norway)

T14: Yield Potential in Crop Plants

ID 98
Using the maize leaf to unravel how the different components of growth contribute to heterosis

Kim Feys (Belgium)

ID 205
Comparison of physical and structural properties as well as biochemical composition of retted and non-retted flax fibers

Wioleta Wojtasik (Poland)

ID 425
Sucrose synthase 2 (Sus2) in durum wheat: Gene and protein characterization

Luigi Ceci (Italy)

ID 448
Survey of sweet potato viruses and its associated vectors in South Sudan

Beatrice Langwa (Norway)

ID 520
Estimation of grain yield potential among maize landraces in response to water stress

Danijela Ristić (Serbia)

ID 530
Analysis and characterization of rubber-associated metabolites in Taraxacum koksaghyz

Kristina Unland (Germany)

ID 538
Wheat relatives have potential to boost photosynthesis in commercial wheat varieties through superior Rubisco properties

Anneke Prins (United Kingdom)

ID 587
Leaf marker metabolites for low nitrogen stress in maize

Maria Urrutia (France)

ID 593
Non-invasive assessment of P. vulgaris yield development using mobile NMR

Millicent Smith (Australia)

ID 672
Molecular characterization of root development in Taraxacum koksaghyz

Annika Wieghaus (Germany)

ID 673
Investigating differential gene expression in roots of high- and low-rubber producing plants of Taraxacum koksaghyz via RNAseq analysis

Katharina Pütter (Germany)

ID 691
Genome editing of African rice for yield and trait improvement

Elia Lacchini (Italy)

ID 882
Yield and photosynthesis in wheat: mining diversity and genetic engineering crops

Luis Robledo-Arratia (United Kingdom)

T18: Seed Biology and Biotechnology

ID 62
Targeted genome editing with customized endonucleases in barley and tobacco

Goetz Hensel (Germany)

ID 344
The embryogenic potential of long-term proliferation cell lines of Larix sibirica in vitro

Maria Pak (Russian Federation)

ID 418
Somatic embryogenesis on mature tissues of two Moroccan olive cultivars (Olea europaea L.), cv. Dahbia and cv. Moroccan Picholine

Sara Oulbi (Morocco)

ID 437
Increasing starch bound phosphate through manipulation of sex genes in potato tubers

James Lloyd (South Africa)

ID 438
Storage materials accumulation and development pathways in isolated cultured endosperm of bread wheat

Dagmara Kwolek (Poland)

ID 482
Production of recombinant porcine lysozyme using transgenic rice

Yoshinori Tsuchiya (Japan)

ID 509
Metabolic engineering of oilseed crops with a feedback insensitive phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase

Ming-Jun Gao (Canada)

ID 582
Development and cultivation of GM soybean overexpressed bio-material proteins to select elite event for industrial use

Ju-Seok Seo (Korea)

ID 614
Transgenic high phytase activity barley in new breeding technology

Tomas Vlcko (Czech Republic)

ID 633
The anatomy of two in vitro cultured Leucospermum (Proteaceae) cultivars prior to and after transfer to soil

Carmen Alfayate (Spain)

ID 657
Vacuolar targeting of a Type I ribosome-inactivating protein from Saponaria officinalis

Aldo Ceriotti (Italy)

ID 660
Development of SNP markers using two base pair mismatches primer for distinguishing Korean waxy corn varieties

Jin-Seok Lee (Korea)

ID 664
Variation of pre-harvest sprouting in rice genetic resources and genome-wide detection of associated genes

Gi-An Lee (Korea)

ID 695
Competitive activity as a constitutive promoter in the 5'-proximal regulatory region of the Capsicum capsanthin–capsorubin synthase gene

Sun-Hwa Ha (Korea)

ID 702
Cryopreservation on vegetable seeds for long term storage of plant genetic resources

Young-yi Lee (Korea)

ID 778
Potato elite seeds production technology from virus free tube plant adapted in Georgia

Iveta Megrelishvili (Georgia)

ID 779
Conifer somatic embryogenesis and their visualisation with the environmental scanning electron microscope

Biljana Đorđević (Czech Republic)

ID 805
Effect of fed batch in Theobroma cacao cell suspension cultures

María Isabel Restrepo Muriel (Colombia)

ID 896
Non-invasive assessment of viability through thermal imaging related to metabolic changes during imbibition of Helianthus annuus seeds

Ilse Kranner (Austria)

ID 912
International Association for Plant Biotechnology

Barbara Doyle Prestwich (Ireland)

ID 918
Cryopreservation of hop germplasm in the Czech Republic

Petr Svoboda (Czech Republic)

ID 937
Production of phytoecdysteroids by hairy root cultures of some species of the genus Silene L.

Anna Erst (Russian Federation)

T20: Plant Nutrition – Micronutrients

ID 739
Selenium uptake and remobilization in Brassica napus L. plants treated with selenate and Se-enriched plant residues

Nashmin Ebrahimi (Finland)

ID 820
The chemical forms of Fe used as in vivo substrate in uptake process of chloroplast and enzymatic characteristics of cFRO

Brigitta Lantos (Hungary)

T26: Plant Photochemistry

ID 760
Insight into deetiolation of herbicide-treated angiosperms

Beata Mysliwa-Kurdziel (Poland)

ID 764
Seasonal responses of chlorophyll a fluorescence of species from different physiognomies of the Brazilian savanna

Angélica Lino Rodrigues (Brazil)

ID 781
3D visualization of beech chloroplasts reveals variability in shape and size

Barbora Radochová (Czech Republic)

ID 808
Alternative splicing changes during early photomorphogenesis of Arabidopsis seedlings correlate with the energy status

Theresa Wießner (Germany)

ID 853
The albina mutation of barley (abo9) affects the state of phytochrome A bringing about its excessive accumulation in etiolated leaves

Larissa Koppel (Russian Federation)

ID 854
PsbO1 and PsbO2 have different levels in grana core, grana margins and stroma lamellae

Václav Svoboda (Czech Republic)

ID 933
Highly efficient split Photosystem I complex in alga Chromera velia

Ondřej Prášil (Czech Republic)

T28: Stomata: Development, Patterning, Function

ID 690
Stomatal function, density and pattern in Arabidopsis thaliana tmm1 and sdd1-1 mutants

Martina Vrablova (Czech Republic)

ID 717
The role of Phytochrome B and Stomagen in light dependent stomatal development of Arabidopsis leaves

Dana Wiesnerová (Czech Republic)

ID 809
Do stomata develop in response to CO2 concentration at light or dark period?

Maximilian Grafl (Czech Republic)

ID 907
Basic functions of master regulators of stomata development are conserved between Arabidopsis and tomato

Carmen Fenoll (Spain)

T29: Grassland – Production and Carbon Allocation

ID 904
Effects of nutrient and water levels on Phalaris arundinacea and Carex acuta: A mesocosm experiment

Jan Květ (Czech Republic)

T30: Plant Vascular Trafficking

ID 144
Minor elevational changes in conifer xylem anatomy: neither limitation nor adaptation?

Adriano Losso (Austria)

ID 182
Effect of xylem anatomy on hydraulic capacitance in branches and roots of five temperate tree species

Radek Jupa (Czech Republic)

ID 502
Drought tolerance of tree seedlings: Is there an influence of climatic conditions during seed maturation?

Barbara Beikircher (Austria)

ID 612
Water use strategies and vulnerability to cavitation of beech and spruce under drought: the KROOF (Kranzberg Roof) experiment

Martina Tomasella (Germany)

ID 735
Long-term impact of Ophiostoma novo-ulmi on leaf traits and transpiration of branches in the Dutch elm hybrid 'Dodoens'

Roman Plichta (Czech Republic)

ID 876
Characterization of the exocyst complex SEC15b subunit in A. thaliana

Klara Aldorfova (Czech Republic)


Last update on June 23, 2016.