We would like to invite partners and sponsors to participate in Plant Biology Europe EPSO/FESPB 2016 Congress.

For Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus please click HERE.

You can find Plan of the Exhibition Foyer HERE.

Shipping & storage instructions, order form and other useful information available HERE.

For Exhibitor Guide please click HERE.

For booth construction, furniture, electricity etc. please contact company Exposale. The Order Form is available HERE.


In case of any requirements or questions please contact Congress Secretariat at europlantbiology2016@guarant.cz.


List of Sponsors

Silver Partner
  • Aralab
Bronze Partner
  • Molecular Plant
  • Springer Nature
  • Taylor & Francis Group
  • ADC BioScientific Ltd
  • Agrisera
  • CID Bio-Science, Inc. 
  • CLF PlantClimatics GmbH
  • Conviron Germany GmbH
  • Decagon Devices, Inc.
  • Elsevier
  • Hansatech Instruments
  • Heinz Walz GmbH
  • Hettich Benelux B.V.
  • Hybrigenics Services
  • John Wiley & Sons
  • LI-COR
  • New Phytologist
  • Oxford University Press
  • PhytoTechnology Laboratories
  • poly klima GmbH
  • PP Systems
  • Presens-Precision Sensing GmbH
  • Photon Systems Instruments
  • Skye Instruments Ltd
  • Source BioScience
  • Taiwan Hipoint Corporation
Sponsors of Invited Speakers
  • Biologia Plantarum
  • Journal of Plant Biology
  • Journal of Plant Physiology (Elsevier)
  • Plant Biology and Biochemistry (Elsevier)
Other Sponsors
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe
  • Pyro Science GmbH
  • Regent Instruments Inc.


Silver Partner


Bronze Partner







Other Sponsors